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Tagged by: :iconaru-niichan:

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1. I prefer Asian men and that is it~
2. (based on my friends) I emit a super happy and sparkly aura everyday, even when I'm stressed~ lol
3. My favorite food is pasta and the drink for my life is banana milk!
4. I have a white pet rabbit and his name is Malo
5. I've been to kpop fanmeets and concerts before (whole bunch of things I still need to put in my room, not the closet, lol)
6. If I were to choose a hot or cold location, I prefer the cold more because I find the chilly weather fun (especially the one's in South Korea)
7. I' am obsessed and forever will be obsessed with hot red chili paste called Cochujyan~ (best freaking paste ever)
8. When I get tired, I tend to listen to instrumentals or classics for 3 hours or more
9. There's no such thing as a food that I hate, unless it is something I can't legit take mentally (you dogs and whale.....never am I trying whale again)
10. I CANT LIVE without eating vegetables and fruits everyday or I'll regret what I eat, lol

Aru-niichan's Qs!

1. What would you do if your bias stood in front of you?
         - I would probably hold my breath and mumble shit over and over again until I eventually pass out on the ground...
2. Which you prefer, singing or dancing?
         - gah~ I love both since they're different styles of art! (but I suck at dancing and I don't even know if I'm a good singer...)
3. What do you have in your mind now?
         - sleep and the plan for tomorrow's breakfast.....maybe some eggyeol and Kaiser rolls? lol
4. Do you consider me as your friend?
         - yes I would, but only from a blog's view. (sorry~) I only call people "friends" when I know them directly rather than online
5. Do you ever role play? Idol role player?
         - no~ I haven't, but it's interesting to see people role play! (someday I shall learn how to, lol)
6. Am I older or younger than you?
         - shhhhh it's a secret!~ kekeke
7. Whats the last photo you taken/download?
         - two pictures of luhan on my phone~ one's a picture of him from the airport with a sleepy face and the other is a lulu fanart!
8. If an idol is one of your best friend, what will you do if he/she acted like you're a stranger to them?
         - I would feel hurt, but start thinking that maybe they are doing this because of their contract with their entertainment
9. Do you love tarantula as your pet?
         - sorry but I'm not a huge fan on arachnids and insects~ I'm more of a rabbit/ bunny type
10. Do you ever hate one of your siblings or cousins? Why?
         - OF course, who wouldn't? But I really have no reason because the only time I'd "hate" my sibling is when I get angry and make a stupid 1 sec reaction.

gah~ I'm supposed to tag 10 people~ TT^TT
I'm just not going to tag anyone, wouldn't want to do this after the last time, lol
I need to sleep too, lol

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PLEASE CHECK IT OUT~:iconpapcryplz:


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forever poor~ :iconforeveraloneplz:

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:iconhappyhappyplz:ABSOLUTELY AMAZING~ PEOPLE:icononigaspplz:
(amazing~ neorang ♪ amazing~ narang ♪ amazing~ eojjae jeojjae name dwen geoya ♪ ♪ ♪ )


MON REAL CHINGUS~:iconfinallyplz:

  • Listening to: Timez - Hooray for Idols
  • Reading: asianfanfictions
  • Playing: Loz SS
  • Eating: tteobbokki
  • Drinking: BANANA MILK
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Ebbiru Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
ASDFGHGFDSA!!! I have a brown/toffee colour rabbit called Rolo XD
Hmm the way i see it is we named our rabbits after candy due to their colour.. Malo = marshmallow (idek if that true or what)... OMG IM LAME OK

OMG EGGYEOL AND KAISER ROLLS.. -u- mmmmmmm,, GIMME!! *grabby hands*

I see a lot which you like, which i like too.. in ways. Asian guys, instrumental music, fruit/veg, rabbits etc.. idek. I can relate OK XD
rahaina Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Were we twins separated at birth from the tree of life??? lol

OMG unnie...we do have a lot in common! kekekeke
That I right though unnie~ my rabbit was named after marshmallow since my sister didn't like Einstein (pronounced iinsteen because of my mom's lack of a ability in English)

I didn't get to have Kaiser rolls and some eggyeols because I woke up too late, late~
but it's okay because I getto eat a whole bunch of Japanese food at my mom's friend's potluck~ so yummy~
Ebbiru Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Hmm i guess so! XD

Awww! ^^
Hehe Malo is cute though :D

Lol same here i woke up very late too! Its snowing outside.. really heavily. 30cm in height! OmO
My dad got stuck in the car on his way home from a meeting and had to walk home awww

asdfghgfdsasdf *jelly* I WANT TASTY FOOD! asdfgfds nomnomnom -u- <3
rahaina Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist

awwww thankies, I love your bunny's name too unnie~ gawsh~:iconloveloveplz:

hahahahahaha, well that's just some pure luck for your dad then~, lol

but I can't say much either since I don't get good lucks often~
(everytime any song that has EXO in it from the radio, it freezes until I reach home.....then it starts playing~ TT^TT it did it when I was clearly jamming to maxstep!)
Ebbiru Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Ahahaha lol yes XD
Mhm good it was! *u*

Aww thank you!
Mr. Rolo is actually 9 now *u* heh
Old boy kkk

YES! :'D
Awwww TuT
Well i hope that your car gets over its Exo hate? :'3
rahaina Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
ahhhh~ well I guess your rabbit is more towards a ajusshi than a hyung, lol~
Malo is only about 6-7 months old, kekekekeke

hahaha I wish, but I think my car is a anti-fan, lol

time to knock some senses into the car it seems...
Ebbiru Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Mhm mhm ^^
Woah Malos so young asdfgfds TuT

Get kyungsoo to use his earth power and damage it ^^
rahaina Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
kekeke neh~ super young! and yet he's like an old man sometimes, gawd~ lol
I guess he's one of us............a fanboy that lives off of tumblr~

YES! you know what, I'm going to beg every single EXO members to destroy my car so it can learn its lesson~
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